Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Black Titan, probably the most fitting name girded Yudi's V-Ixion. The concept was adopted MODIF pertained simple but cute. First step, rental car businessman named Imperial on Jl. Merisi sill 25, Surabaya, memodif sector body with a bolt on the concept.

The result of the addition of wide Shroud which connects the engine cover made product variations. Kelar change the display sector body under the engine, turn the head lamp dijahili participate. Head lamp orsi V-Ixion 2010 replaced the more futuristic.

Detailed installation is simple, because staying menyambungnya plate strip with 2.5 mm and is attached to the triangle above. To wear a former holder bottom bracket, long lamp head. And forwarded the replacement handlebar steering Ninja 150.

Part of footprints elegant style setup, to pursue further to the box profile tires. It was asked of Ride Swallow combined 275-17 and 350-17 and 120/100-17 100/70-17. As a result, the front fender so adherents to widen the use of fenders Moge 3. Rear fender was formed with the grindstone, to get the impression slim.

Finishing, the whole body is dyed dark chrome silver screen perpetrated. According to Yudi chrome tongkrongan this type of motor capable of changing so slim. "Special Boxes and pretentious part delta front and swing arm, my fox black accents to accompany its chrome color," Yudi point that adds rear disc and caliper PSM mini KTC.

Protect Popular With Silicon
In addition to diligently wash using Sunlight tool to remove white stains on chrome surfaces, the use of silicone is also important.

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