Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mio Modif Picture "Low Rider" dan "Chopper"

MODIFIKASI MIO Low Rider dan Chopper
MODIFIKASI MIO Low Rider dan Chopper
Junaidi Saputra origin Medan, North Sumatra, try to develop a modification of the flow of low rider again. Indeed, judging from the appearance of his works Yamaha Mio Sporty, a strong impression that the modifier only elongate the axle which is characteristic of low rider. But, if the scrutiny is true, there are experiments that looked at skutik garputala's logo.

'As seen on the front and rear wheels, a long follow-up, "said Junaidi, builder Admair Thula (AT) based in Medan. Total length of the motor to be 3.5 meters. That is, the dimension of about one meter stretch Mio.

Departed long-departed, said Junaidi, up to 32 cm. This does not include the tip of the outer tire. However, there is a unique on-departed departed these parts. When construction is typically shaped letter "H", here he makes a model "J".

"To be strong due to a rim and engine load, the material is taken from galvanized," he explained. This business should ever thumbs up. Imagine, with the rear wheels are super-wide, the device remains in the middle. If viewed from the application of the tire and rim, then surely this Mio into Bobber style.

To adjust the rear that has been overly delayed, the house re-CVT revamped. Way, the plate was cut and add 8 inches to adjust with the back, although his position does not quite fit because it was too out of place.

Front wheel chopper-like models in the Harley-proved difficult to maneuver. Small turning radius is very similar to HD-style chopper motorcycle. Changes made by sliding out and replace komstir triangle shaped straight baseball again, but it resembles a "V".

When asked by berziga-zag path between the line of cones, the motor seemed distress. In fact, the rider must go down feet many times. Nevertheless, Junaidi dared to take his road test more than 5 km.

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