Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Flow adheres to motorists racing look matic drag bike is pretty easy. Because, do not need big capital and wring sweat like real drag, and the results look more satisfactory modification of this aspect.

Not surprisingly, Leo from the community also ensures Moncelo Solo Mio Yamaha hers also faces made a similar flow. "Modification of local racing's most loved hanging out and more. Cheap, easy but fun. Must attended but did not have examples here and there," joke.

Together squad Moncelo, Leo also modify the motor output in 2008 was full naked body and implies minimal drag force Indonesian bike. Short wheelbase, low seat and handlebar bent low.

So certainly, there are still elements of beauty with attractive saputan airbrush all over the chassis. RFL fused Paint brush These concern the origin do not spray, but given the special character of the tribal minimalism with the three primary colors. Yellow, orange and pink shades. To be more fit, the three colors is not only applied in the framework, but also in other components, including the tiny body in front until the CVT Box.

Special parts of the foot, first Leo dressed with thin parts, such as U-shape rim model with black rubber slick style. Selected ring 17 so that it felt tiny but kuencang.
Side of the machine, not dismantled frontally. Only variations combined with good matching, such as the use of racing ignition, oil cooler to exhaust CLD Racing. Everything come out of drag performance adds a neat style

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