Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Known as the Ferrari of the motorcycle industry and said to be the embodiment of perfection, Ducati motorcycles are still likely to be further improved. Motocorse, an Italian company specialized in producing aftermarket parts for sportbikes, recently introduced its latest creation, the Ducati Monster 1100 Titanium, reported.

The Ducati Monster in titanium includes both mechanical and stylistic upgrades. It is an unique model with a hugely reduced weight and greater performance. The Monster Titanium has a black tint with red finish and titanium, and parts made of carbon fibre which reduce weight to 156 kg.

Over 60 standard Ducati components have been replaced. The exhaust is a titanium Motocorse Evoluzione 54mm and the modifications to the engine now brings performance figures to 102.6 hp and 113 Nm, up from 95 hp and 103 Nm.

The brake discs are made from composite ceramic materials and measure 320 mm. They pair with Brembo Racing calipers and titanium pistons on a Motocorse radial mount.

Forged aluminum Marchesini wheels are included, and a full set of various titanium bolts and screws, with adjustable foot pegs on their own reduce weight by 12 kg. Motocorse offer two personalisation programs: Kit One Full Upgrade or Kit Two Standard Upgrade, and will also do the paint finish and assemble the parts.

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