Sunday, December 26, 2010

Motorcycle Stunt Modifications Review

Motorcycle Stunt Modifications

As motorcycle stunts and tricks have become a popular part of motorcycle culture, some riders have taken to modifying their vehicles to improve their capabilities. These additional parts do not necessarily change the everyday operation of the bike, but can be warning signs of amateur stunt riders. However, if these parts are not installed correctly, they could prove dangerous to everyone on the road.

Among the most popular tricks that many riders may try are the wheelie, the stoppie, and the burnout. These three tricks can then branch out from the basic maneuvers into more extreme, often more dangerous variants done for even greater showmanship and difficulty.

For an example of how motorcycle part modifications evolve, consider a peculiar variant of the wheelie known as the 12 O'Clock, which features the rider propping the bike at an extremely sharp angle. For additional tricks on handle bars, extending the length of a 12 O'Clock is necessary. This in turn leads to increased stunt modifications known as 12 O'Clock bars or, more simply, 12 bars.

In addition to trick mechanisms, certain modifications can be added to the body of a motorcycle in order to improve the resilience of the bike. As certain tricks put a great deal of stress on to the integrity of the motorcycle itself, these additions can be almost necessary to keep a bike from requiring constant repairs.

To avoid generalization, it would be unfair to state that every bike with a major modification is made for illegal tricks. Some of these bikes may double as a means for basic transportation as well as providing riders with the hobby of stunt riding. However, if a biker does decide to attempt a trick on a public road, they are endangering nearby pedestrians and other motorists.

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