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Best Harley Davidson Custom Modifications Resources

Custom motorcycles. Motorcycles started as a lower priced and practical alternative to four wheel transport and as such predominantly became the preserve of people with a lower income. Looking at the profile of many Harley Davidson owners one can see this motorcycle is now owned by higher income people whose main mode of transport is a car and use their bike as a  recreational vehicle  and for social reasons via HOG club meetings and rallies. V Twin Custom and chopper motorcycles  are an extension of the interest in the Harley Davidson that has developed almost to an art form. In some cases these bikes are just that, an art form, and any practical considerations have been ignored in the quest for the aesthetic themes pursued sometimes by enthusiasts out to prove they have the purest engineering and artistic skills. Many of the bikes shown in the bike gallery exhibit varying degrees of practicality and design. One of my main areas of interest is to be able to bring these beautiful bikes to a wider audience via car and bike magazines, Lifestyle magazines, airline magazines, Sunday magazines and any magazine that wants to offer their readers something innovative, colourful and very, very different.
I have written a 200 page brochure and other advertising material as well as many advertorial contributions to all the Harley Davidson magazines around the world. I have a database of all the Harley Davidson and Custom Motorcycle magazines in existance. I can also make contributions to lifestyle and general interest magazines and high tech magazines
Will harley-Davidson Inc. enter the Indian Market. This feature explores the options, possibilities and probabilities and also the Custom Motorcycle market
T3 India is Indias premier gadget magazine and this feature explores features of custom motorcycles that are of interest to readers in India.
How to get good photographs of your new custom and how to get them into the magazines
Exotic Harley Davidson Modifications
Soul Shaker Harley Davidson Modification
Harley Davidson Road King With Rear Air Ride Suspension

Having a rear air-ride kit installed on your bagger allows you take advantage of the bike's full range of suspension travel. Depending on the amount of cargo and/or passenger weight the rear is burdened with, air suspension components will be better able to assist in moving your load comfortably down the highway. Along with the benefits of bench-pressing your heavy cargo, an air suspension system can perfectly tailor the bike's riding height to meet your own physical profile-height and weight can be properly accounted for.

Now that comfort has been covered, let's face the probable reality for some of you out there. An air-ride kit will definitely set your bike apart after it's been parked and dropped a few inches. The same goes for when it's time to refill the springs-an air suspension system is a truly notable item that will attract envious double takes. What more could you ask for from a system that delivers both comfort and style points to boot? Well, better ride quality and performance couldn't hurt.

The dampening effect that the air bags deliver while on the road is beyond comparison with static lowering components. The softer, plush ride will feel like you are riding on ... well ... air! Bottoming out, even while carrying heavy loads, will be a problem you should never have to worry about again. The difference in ride quality and response between air-ride and stock rear suspension alone will have you ready to crack open your wallet and reach for some plastic.

An air-ride setup can prove to be well worth the time, effort and dough that is invested in selecting and installing your favorite kit. Most kits come complete with an onboard compressor, but those that don't usually offer one in the form of a package upgrade. You'll want a compressor, as it will give you total air level control with the flip of a switch. Some kits will vary depending on component materials or slight tweaks in design, but they will all greatly improve upon the nonadjustable rear suspension you've settled for.

Bike Buddy Pro Hi-Lo Rider

MSRP starting at $995
Bike Buddy Pro's Hi-Lo Rider "Bagger and Side Mount" kit for Road Kings is a fully adjustable air-shock kit that comes complete with an air compressor that lets its rider adjust ride height with a push of a button.

The Hi-Lo Rider kit also has a cool optional remote control kit that allows for raising and lowering the suspension from up to 80 feet away-truly a nice option that should go over well at the next show, bike night or just about anytime you want to startle an unsuspecting passerby in the parking lot.

The Hi-Lo shocks are available in an optional chrome finish, and all of their kits carry a lifetime warranty. It would be tough to pass up the options and quality that Bike Buddy Pro offers in their air-ride systems.
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