Saturday, February 13, 2010


Honda Beat 2008 belongs to a new Braminto gress has not been long out of the show room have changed appearance. Processing is to be trusted because the Motor Joddy previously own another motor has been glasses by men who like a fungky it.
Touch that was not done so much, because the owner still wishes motor show figures from the Honda Beat, "The constrained low rider," the message Braminto, employers are single. This is a challenge for Joddy who had not previously use Honda Beat.
One wishes the withdrawal modifications standard manufacturer so strong foundation for the process. Drip beratkan more guidance to the foot-feet. Apply the tire and rim width can look up terms. Pelek custom 14 inch diameter 4 inch wide and 6 inch mounted on the front and back with Deli Tire sizes 120/70 front, 150/70 at the rear Sincho. "Deliberately on the front tire width biar ga kebanting same background," said Joddy offset rear tire.
Constraints that often occur in the low rider motorcycle each time bringing back the boncenger always mentok Shockbreaker because the only one not able to withstand the load. Indeed, self-impressed motor only when a person can dimuatin. The solution must use the two-rod reducer. Placement is not the left but in the two sides, left and right. This is filling a vacuum space between the right side of the muffler brand Password. "Long Shockbreaker holder to determine the point of shock and low motor," says Joddy open secret. "What shock length sudutnya the buckle so that the shock is too soft," sambungnya. Then use up side down Shockbreaker Yamaha Vega into the color choices are supported with consistent motor. With a thick pipe between the left and right shock.
Inspired from the bar to see the magazine Harley Davidson raiser with all that is custom made. Raiser for the use of laser diffraction technology feels very neat and smooth the process. For daily standard engine is still left. Finally, the panel indicator RPM Kitaco brand and Fuel ampere Autogauge lap to monitor the engine and fuel supply is harmonious.

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