Monday, February 15, 2010

Modifikasi Airbrush Scooter Yamaha Mio

Creativity to get the recognition of the bike has given pride let alone recognition of motor contest event held in Pekanbaru that Djarum Black digawangi by this. Djarum Black MOTODIFY 2009 was re-visited the city to allow the display showing modifikator best creativity including Aan Ardim Litomi or male intimate calls from Payakumbuh, West Sumatra with Mio CW 2007 as the best gain Low Too Damn.

For the engine, Aan did not change anything because the concept is carried Aan-style flat motor, represented by Rudi carrying the flag of the motor communities in Papermint Motor Payahkumbuh Ceper. Airbrush motorcycle screen using difinishing by Sikkens and blue Blinkens, a combination increasingly brand-new graphics added to every detail is made with chrome.

With a shallow draft that can be made on the way to the flat display gives a brilliant idea especially with the use of this Mionya matic motor. Modif significant and changes in the shallow Mio motors by changing the framework and a revamped chasiss total to support the advanced engine cradle forward keceperan level in accordance with the chill of the owner.

Other extra to have Aan Mio through Rudi, his brother added, "shuffle takes two months to make it appear flat Mio, to the front of all still use the original Mio, given only the intake Ninja Tromol including swingarm and rear suspension are made custom so the change is made Mio is in accordance with what is applied ". Upon the announcement of the winners, the year 2007 Mio menyambet Too Damn Low trophy in a contest modifications commanded by this black Djarum.

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